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Will the results of my analysis be easy to understand? 
JONA has designed its report to make it easy to interpret the results, but above all, to give you access to the studies on which the results are based (title, authors, and web links to scientific articles). Modifying your lifestyle habits considering, or as a result of, these results will always be easier to integrate with professional nutritional support.

Is the JONA analysis covered by my insurance? 
You need to inquire directly with your insurer to find out the answer, as some insurers reimburse this kind of test under the « laboratory test » category. You will receive an invoice and a purchase receipt when paying for your test, allowing you to include this investment to your annual tax report.

Can I get a receipt from a dietitian-nutritionist to cover the value of purchasing the JONA analysis?
Unfortunately, no. Receipts issued by a dietitian-nutritionist are reserved for consultations, purchasing training, or group courses (under certain conditions).

Am I participating in a study by obtaining JONA? 
No. The BETA phase (first deployment phase) allowed the first 200 customers to obtain a preferential initial price and an update of certain additions that we will make along the way in exchange for their feedback and understanding regarding adjustments to the customer experience.

What are the timelines before receiving my results? 
It takes 2 to 3 weeks after mailing your sample before you receive your results.

Are nutrition services included in the price I paid? 
No. The price you paid includes the test, analysis, and receipt of the JONA report.

In what format will I receive my results?
Your results will be sent electronically, securely to your JONA account. Make sure to check your emails, including spam folders, from day 1 of your order. Eventually, a PDF version will be available on your JONA account (in progress).

How long does it take to receive my JONA test after ordering it?
From the moment you purchase your test, it takes around 7 to 10 business days to receive it.

Is the procedure for taking my sample complicated?
Not at all. Each step of the process is clearly explained in the document accompanying your test. This provided document is in French.

Will I receive my analysis results in English or French?
Since JONA is an American partner, the analysis results will be provided in English. However, you will be able to easily translate them if you navigate in Chrome. Click on the first icon in the search bar, which will offer you the option « Translate this page. » The results will be displayed in French, except for the scientific studies listed. For further assistance, our team of nutritionists can help you better understand.

New Feature
In your JONA account, you will find the option to change the language of the report in the bottom right corner of the page.

How do I register my kit?
Simply click on the following link to create an account. Normally, this link will be sent to you by email. You will be asked a few questions and prompted to enter your 8-digit barcode, which can be found in the upper right corner of your box (or on your tube). Then, register your account.

How can I update my shipping address?
Please send an email to with your order number. The JONA team will update it for you. Please note that this should be done before the JONA team has shipped your test.

Where can I find my barcode?
You can find your barcode in the upper right corner of your box or on the fecal collection tube.

What is the return address for my sample?
The return address is as follows: 20030 Century Blvd Suite 300, Germantown, MD 20874, USA. You can also find this address on the shipping instruction sheet with details for the return shipment, which you’ll find inside the test box (in English and French).

If I am taking antibiotics, should I wait before using the test, and if so, how long after my antibiotic treatment ends?
It depends on your goal. If you want to know what’s happening in your gut microbiome, to get a « snapshot » of it and moreover, to understand how you can improve it or be more aware of the different factors that can cause more or less gastrointestinal or extra-intestinal symptoms, you should wait 5 to 6 months before using the test so that your microbiome more closely resembles what it was before antibiotic therapy. However, if you want to know the effects of taking the antibiotic on your gut microbiome, what the deleterious effects are, and what you can do immediately to counter these effects, you can wait only 2 weeks after finishing your antibiotics to take the test.

Should I stop taking probiotics and prebiotics before taking the test?
You can continue taking your probiotics and/or prebiotics and make no changes to your current diet. The lifestyle questionnaire you’ll be asked to fill in when you register your kit will allow us to gather this information and make the right connections later on.

Should I stop taking my medications and/or laxatives before using the test?
You should never stop taking medications prescribed by a doctor without their approval. The lifestyle questionnaire you’ll be asked to fill in when you register your kit will allow us to gather this information and make the appropriate connections afterward.

After how long is my sample no longer viable?
The solution in the fecal collection tube can preserve the sample for 60 days at room temperature. If your sample is not viable for analysis, the JONA team will send you a test kit for free to collect the sample again.

What should I do if urine ends up on the stool receiver (collection paper)?
You should avoid urinating during the stool collection process to avoid contaminating the sample and invalidating your results. We recommend you urinate before installing the stool receiver.

Can I get a refund for the JONA test and if so, how should I proceed?
A refund is possible until the date your test is shipped by the JONA team. Unfortunately, after shipping, it is no longer possible to obtain a refund. Contact us at to find out the status of your order.

What should I do if my test is held at customs during shipment?
Your parcel may be held at customs for a few days. Don’t worry. If they need additional information, they will contact you. Otherwise, your parcel will be released after a few days. If this period is exceeded, contact

I have received my JONA analysis report, but I need help understanding it. What should I do?
First, you can watch the videos below to familiarize yourself with the content of your analysis report.

How should I collect my sample when I receive my kit ?
Instructions can be found in the box you will receive with your test. Alternatively, you can click here to access them.

I forgot my password, and I haven’t received the reset email, what should I do?
We recommend logging in via the Google option in the login interface.

My insurance company is asking for a quote to assess my « refund request, » is it possible to receive one from you?
Absolutely. Just write to our accounting manager at Simply provide her with your full name and mailing address. She will be able to quickly provide you with the quote.

Can the JONA analysis test recommend probiotics?
The JONA analysis test can recommend strains based on your bacterial signature.

Can I purchase the test for my child?
For the moment, the test is not qualified for use in children as it requires additional regulatory approval for them. Additionally, current literature is mostly based on adult reality.

Can I modify the symptoms and health issues I had checked in my questionnaire?
You can modify your symptoms and health issues in your JONA report. Go to the « Health Survey » section, then check and uncheck symptoms in the questionnaire drop-down menu.

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