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JONA Microbiome Analysis Test

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JONA is a company that leverages technology and artificial intelligence to personalize approaches for clients and healthcare professionals, exposing possible connections between the gut microbiome and overall health.

With the results from our gut microbiome analysis, you can delve into the core of your overall health by receiving science-backed recommendations and answers to improve your health condition and symptoms.

The Power of the Microbiome

The microbiome contains 38 billion microbes including bacteria, yeasts, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Science shows us that this community is closely related to a wide variety of diseases, symptoms, digestion, athletic performance, longevity, and even mental and dermatological health. Supporting gut microbiome health is crucial in maintaining overall health and preventing many symptoms.

We believe that many unanswered questions lie at the heart of the gut microbiome.

JONA’s Artificial Intelligence

Microbiome science is advancing rapidly. Over 2000 scientific articles are published monthly on the subject. No human or clinician can manage to read such a volume of information to stay updated and acquire all this knowledge to integrate into their clinical practice.

But artificial intelligence can!

From the outset, the goal was to develop artificial intelligence capable of reading this vast amount of medical and scientific information found in the literature and interpreting it to connect relevant elements to an individual’s gut microbiome signature. Once these connections are made, personalized actions and recommendations follow.

With JONA, you can get answers to your concerns while knowing the scientific robustness of these answers, understanding potential associations, and reading the associated literature yourself if you wish. The results will always be tailored to your main goals of overall health, in easy-to-understand language, with concrete actions to take when the literature allows for their identification.

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms or health conditions?

✔️ Irritable Bowel Syndrome
✔️ Ulcerative Colitis
✔️ Crohn’s Disease
✔️ Reflux
✔️ Food sensitivities or intolerances

✔️ Bloating or gas
✔️ Constipation or diarrhea
✔️ Fatigue
✔️ Pre-diabetes/Diabetes
✔️ Overweight

Let JONA’s analysis and results help you!

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JONA is a Gut Microbiome Analysis

JONA uses deep shotgun metagenomic sequencing to analyze bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and other species in a stool sample. The advanced artificial intelligence program designed by the in-house team interprets your unique microbial profile, links the results to the literature to identify associations, and provides science-backed recommendations to help you achieve your overall health goals.

Receive your results 2-3 weeks after sending your sample and share them with your healthcare professional if needed.

How it works?

Example Report

Most frequently asked questions

Should I stop taking probiotics and prebiotics before taking the test?
You can continue taking your probiotics and/or prebiotics and make no changes to your current diet. The lifestyle questionnaire you’ll be asked to fill in when you register your kit will allow us to gather this information and make the right connections later on.

Is the JONA analysis covered by my insurance? 
You need to inquire directly with your insurer to find out the answer, as some insurers reimburse this kind of test under the « laboratory test » category. You will receive an invoice and a purchase receipt when paying for your test, allowing you to include this investment to your annual tax report.

Can I get a receipt from a dietitian-nutritionist to cover the value of purchasing the JONA analysis?
Unfortunately, no. Receipts issued by a dietitian-nutritionist are reserved for consultations, purchasing training, or group courses (under certain conditions).

After how long is my sample no longer viable?
The solution in the fecal collection tube can preserve the sample for 60 days at room temperature. If your sample is not viable for analysis, the JONA team will send you a test kit for free to collect the sample again.

Will the results of my analysis be easy to understand? 
JONA has designed its report to make it easy to interpret the results, but above all, to give you access to the studies on which the results are based (title, authors, and web links to scientific articles). Modifying your lifestyle habits considering, or as a result of, these results will always be easier to integrate with professional nutritional support.

Visit our Questions & Answers for more information.

Ready to purchase your test?

 Explore your microbiome and improve your digestive health. What JONA offers you:
👉🏻 Sample kit delivered directly to your door
👉🏻 Deep sequencing of your microbiome that analyzes not only bacteria but also other species (yeasts, viruses, parasites, etc.)
👉🏻 Report based on an artificial intelligence program linking your microbiome, symptoms, and health conditions to the most up-to-date literature
👉🏻 Personalized recommendations for nutrition and lifestyle habits

Once the inventory of BETA phase analysis tests is depleted, you can purchase the JONA analysis test with its new design for $545 plus taxes (launch price).

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